Welcome to bettagenetic.

Paradorn is my name.I am bettas breeder and international halfmoon bettas seller from Thailand.

My experience to specially on halfmoon bettas.At first I am farmer but after I joint to member of IBC just I find that have many bettas lover around the world.
I love bettas so much.They have many kind and color of genetic so I can develope them from my imagination. I would like to share my genetic of bettas to you to improve your breeding program to the best color and halfmoon form and hope you will  show them to bettas show in your area then your fishes go to winner.

What thing that bettas give to you and me ? Yes,business is some of all for me but very very important is The world bettas lover are " Friendship " this will be great if you and me have friend around the world that because we are the same we love bettas then all love for The world.


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